Block paving sealer – is it time to re-apply on your driveway?

Using a good quality block paving sealer will give your driveway extra years!

Over the years, any exterior surfaces can deteriorate if a good block paving sealer has not been used. This is usually down to exposure to the elements. Growth, such as algae, moss and weeds can flourish in abundance, making it look scruffy and in need of desperate attention. If not regularly maintained, it will easily lose its kerb appeal.

So how do you clean your driveway or outside space?

If you spent money on your driveway, paths or patio it is worth investing in the latest pressure washer and using quality detergents to use for the clean. This will almost guarantee you will be left with that ‘just laid’ look. Most types of hard surfaces can be cleaned including tarmac, decking, natural stone, imprinted concrete, crazy paving and slabs.

What block paving sealer should I use?

Once the process is complete, the long-term durability and appearance can be further improved by using a protective block paving sealer – a couple of coats is best. It will then become waterproof and protect from staining, surface growth and UV light damage. A good acrylic sealer will be reasonably priced and will protect your driveway well, though you will need to apply this every couple of years.

Block paving, which is porous by nature, can be harder to clean, as the gaps filled with sand in between encourage root to grow. So again, a top-up of coat block paving sealer is a must to prevent surface deterioration and loss of colour. A polyurethane sealer maybe a better option for these type of paving

Your patio can also potentially become a death trap in that the surface becomes slippery in damp and wet conditions, especially with algae build up. So try and keep on top of that, especially in Winter time.

Once you have nice clean block paving or driveway, it’s time to spruce it up with some new greenery. Buxus plants are a great addition to any outdoor space. They really do look elegant and are fairly easy to maintain.

If a clean would not do your outdoor space justice and it’s time for an update, then get in touch with MD Paving for a free no obligation quote for your block paving Leeds.

We will happily discuss what’s best for you and a budget to suit.

Block paving sealer to use after prep

cleaning dirty driveway with a pressure washer