What are the benefits of building a new driveway?

What are the benefits of building a new driveway?

The cost of replacing or installing a new driveway Leeds does not have to be exceptionally high. Constructing a new one, can add great functionality, but also be aesthetically pleasing too. Other benefits include, value added to your home, more parking space and less weed growth. It’s also worth noting that a driveway will always increase your property in value, so makes an excellent investment. But before any major project, you need to create and sign off on budget.

So how much is the cost of building a new driveway?

The cost will depend on 3 things – the amount of space being used, materials cost and the type of driveway you want. The best idea is to hire a specialist in driveways and block paving. Make sure they are reputable. MD Paving is a family owned business with over 25 years of experience, which makes for effective budgeting and planning.

Foundation Driveway Costs

The first thing to look at would be the foundation costs. A solid foundation will last a long time, in addition to using quality paving. Costs associated with the foundation would be a digger and skip hire, weed mat, compaction plate and hardcore base.

Building a new driveway – Paving Materials

Now it’s time to think of what paving to use as there are many styles and materials. Advances in technology have grown within the manufacturing industry and there is so much to choose from. There are gravel driveways, block concrete paving slabs, clay and stone block paving, tarmac and poured concrete.

Colours vary dramatically too. It’s important that is blends in with the surrounding area. Also, consider your style and that it fits with the look of the house.

So how do you obtain planning permission for building a new driveway?

If extensive work needs to be done, then you will need planning permission and to fill out an application form of which a fee has to be paid. This usually takes about 8 weeks from submission.

How do you find the right contractor for the job?

Look local and follow recommendations for driveways Leeds. Here at MD Paving, we have 25 years of family experience, great reviews and a photo gallery presenting all our work. Just get in touch!

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