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Summer is nearly here – so how can you apply a patio upgrade to your outside area?

Gorgeous Patio Upgrade
Decorated seating in a patio area.

Here at MD Paving we just know how much you will be using your outdoor space for entertaining. Or maybe for long relaxing nights, parties and family get-togethers and more. So whether your patio is just plain or dated, we have some great suggestions for ways in which you can patio upgrade and make the most of your space.

Upcycle Old Furniture

If you have any old pieces of furniture, why not consider them for your patio upgrade? There are so many ways in which you can convert them into something wonderful – sometimes all you need is a little imagination and a fresh coat of paint. 

Indoor Accessories

We know many accessories aren’t waterproof, but you can still bring them out to entertain your guests when the weather starts to shine. On a beautiful day, why don’t you grab some blankets and cushions and add some decoration.

Invest in Outdoor Rugs

For a great splash of colour, add a patio rug. Choose one that is made for outdoor weather and you’ll be sure to make the whole area more inviting.

Add some privacy to your patio upgrade

You can easily do this, by investing in some outdoor curtains. They look fantastic if done right and can be hung from an overhang, attached to wooden beams or even incorporated into your pergola structure. They will instantly add some intimacy to your outdoor space.

Why not paint over old brick?

Brick is a wonderful background material, very strong and sturdy and looks great in certain settings. It can look even better if you give it a fresh coat of paint, but make sure you use something high quality and pick a shade that is classic and will compliment your area.

Set the Mood with lighting

There is more you can do with lighting than standard wall or flood lights. Opt for fairy lights or a string of edison-style lightbulbs which you can hang around your patio edges. Another great idea are large pendant lights, hung from shepherd’s hooks.

Mood Lighting for Patio Upgrade
outdoor string lights hanging on a line in backyard

Colourful planters are a big WOW

Bright coloured pots with lush greenery will look just fab in your patio. Remember to water them regularly, or for added ease false plants can look just as good.

Ever thought about a fountain?

If you have space on your driveway or patio area, then why not invest in a water fountain to add overall ambience. Use pavers or stones to create a base and you can decorate with mosaic tiles. You’ll love listening to the constant trickle of water – very relaxing!

Music is a must!

It’s pretty essential to have the right tunes whilst your entertaining, so why not install some outdoor speakers into your patio so that you can listen any time you want. Make sure you use wireless speakers that link to your system inside.

Create a focal point for your patio upgrade

Last but not least, choose an area where you want everyone’s eye to go to. You could add a bold set of chairs, a gazebo or fire pit and you’ll have an amazing entertaining space, that will be the envy of every neighbour.