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Top 7 rules for perfect paving and driveway costs

Many DIY people tend to take on difficult tasks which in turn, put up driveway costs. There can be occasions where their efforts pay off. But we can pretty much guarantee that tackling a large patio or paving installation without professional help, will be disastrous.

Having some knowledge about paving installation may give rise to  confidence in some. But the reality is you will end up spending time and money to put it right afterwards.

Here are our top driveway costs and installer tips:


The most commonly used paving materials are: concrete, rubber, brick and natural stone in addition to sandstone, slate, limestone, granite and travertine.


The most effective way of retaining your paving stones firmly in-situ, is to ensure a good edging material is fitted. Examples of this are metal or concrete.


The installation process should work as follows: Clear the intended area of all loose debris and rubbish. Prepare your base material of loose gravel and the sand bedding, then start to carefully lay down the paving slabs to the client’s chosen theme or pattern. After, sand should be swept over the paving joints to fill them up before applying a sealant.


Paving blocks (both concrete paving stones and natural stone) are very versatile solutions to use. They can be used for driveways, garden steps, paths, patios, pool decks, walkways, and more.


In terms of usage, driveways made of paving stone can generally be used immediately after the installation is complete.


Paving blocks are strong and durable and can withstand prolonged exposure to the British weather plus heavy loads that cars and vans can inflict. Block paving Leeds are also extremely decorative and versatile.


– Special cleaning solutions should always be used to remove the whitish haze (efflorescence) that may appear.

– Weeds can be prevented from growing between the joints by re-applying the sealant after a number of years.

– Stained paving can be treated with specialist cleaning solutions to remove dust, oil, rust, grime, algae, moss and tyre marks.

Damage to paving can be avoided when clearing snow if you use a rubber-edged tool instead of a shovel.

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