Driveway materials – does perfection exist?

If you want a perfect driveway then read on!

If you want to keep your driveways Leeds or paving in tip-top condition, you need to always check the joints for missing mortar.

Driveway mortar should always be used. Make sure you use the correct one for your type of driveways or paving. Jointing uses sand as the main component. It is important to keep these topped up. An easy way to do this is simply to brush the dry jointing sand into the joints of the paving.

If you have used the correct type of sand, this should act as a sealant within a three month period. The sand can be lost in many different ways, such as high powered pressure washers, surface water erosion, movement of the pavement and street cleaning equipment – this can really affect Leeds driveways.

Is there movement in your driveway?

If the movement of your pavement, becomes a regular thing, use a suitable sealant or bonding agent to rectify it. They hold the sand in its place and stick to the sides of the joints, reducing them from emptying.

Safety is always a priority when cleaning your paving

Safety is a priority when cleaning paving. Many cleaning agents use really strong chemicals. These chemicals often contain acid which should always be treated with care. Be careful when removing stains as sometimes the surface area may come away if not used correctly. Always follow the instructions supplied by manufacturers.

Don’t forget to wear protective clothing too, like boots and overalls. Keep children and pets well away. Make sure there is sufficient ventilation. Protect others in your environment. Make sure everything is thoroughly washed afterwards.

Is moss on your paving, driving you mad?

Moss is also a constant threat to your block paving Leeds. But help is at hand, as there are many products out there to help. Before applying any product, scrape thick growth away first. You can then spray a solution onto the area of moss, making sure that is is completely wet. Wait about 20 minutes for the chemicals to do their job. Then rinse off with warm water. Once it has turned yellow, you can remove it with a scrubbing brush. Job done!

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