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    Which style of driveway?

    What style of driveway do you want? There are plenty styles of driveways to choose from, such as block, tarmac, stones, pavers or clay. Your preference is really dependent on your own personal style. Not forgetting what the finish will look like against your property. So you can choose a completely bespoke design. Many MD Paving customers prefer this, which gives them an original that you won’t find anywhere else.

    There are many extras you can add when designing your driveway. Feature walls look fantastic. Installing a pathway or edging can really define the areas around your property. Even erecting fencing can really enhance your outdoor area and make it super stylish.

    Types of driveways

    Most homeowners don’t think about their outdoor space and driveway, but they should. Like everything in your home, careful consideration can add value. For example, there are various ways to pave a new pathway or driveway than you may think. In fact, by updating the outdoor surfaces, you can completely change the whole look of your property. But bear in mind that the wrong style could be disastrous.

    To help you understand and achieve the greatest sense of your home space, there are four basic driveway materials.

    Asphalt Driveways

    This has a lifespan of about 20 years or so and even if it wears down, recapping can be a relatively quick procedure.

    It will always hold up well in hot or cold temperatures. To make it more cost-effective, recycled asphalt is another option, but bear in mind that asphalt requires regular upkeep.

    Gravel Driveways

    While this type of driveway can potentially last forever, do be aware that it is high maintenance to keep due to snow damage, loose rocks and managing the weeds which will inevitably come through.

    It is fairly cheap and quick to install and is a great choice for many property owners as it complements many areas of your outside landscaping. But you will need to look at refreshing the top layer every few years.

    Concrete driveways

    The maintenance for this is fairly low, apart from looking after any stains which may occur. It can last up to 40 years if looked after properly and is a very solid and stable covering.

    There are many design options you could incorporate, including coloured, patterned, stamped or flat finish. Beware of oil stains and tyre marks and while cracks in your driveway aren’t likely, beware of things like tree roots and freezing temperatures which may adversely affect it.

    Block Paving Driveways

    These require moderate maintenance, replacing the block paving as and when needed. They should last 20 years plus if looked after correctly.

    Block paving (using pavers) is one of the nicest driveway materials there is. as you can use endless shapes, colours and styles. Concrete pavers are the cheapest, whilst brick, clay and especially natural stone can get very expensive. If part of your driveway is damaged, you can just replace that part, without having to rip the whole driveway up.

    Alternative driveway materials

    Just remember there are many types of material you could use on your driveway, from bark to crushed shells, the list is endless.

    If you have the money to spend, you may even consider a heated driveway. A great option for the Winter months!

    Driveway damage

    Insurance will cover some or all of any driveway damage which may occur.

    Daily wear and tear may not be covered and also flood damage due to natural disasters. But some policies may cover fallen trees or hailstorms. It’s always best to check.

    Costs – prices can vary

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