Would you ever consider a gravel driveway?

A sound which is really satisfying has to be the crunching of stone on a gravel driveway. But could this be the right choice for you?

There are several advantages in choosing a gravel driveway and many of our customers are keen to understand the benefits of this type of driveway for their home.

Benefits of gravel driveways Leeds

Firstly, gravel driveways Leeds can be extremely low maintenance. With just a regular weed killer spray you can keep them looking their very best. They are an added defence to your home, as you will always hear unwanted people approaching.

There is such a wide selection of gravel driveway designs and varieties to choose from. It will give your property a rustic, charming look, especially in the country.

They are definitely suited to vehicle use, due to the interlocking grid system which is placed underneath. And did you know that gravel is permeable, so rain will penetrate through which will replenish the groundwater?

A gravel garden is also wonderful for wildlife too!


However, they are a couple of considerations you may need to think about before installation of a gravel driveway.

Will any part of the driveway be on a slope? You really need to have an even surface for a gravel driveway, which will prevent the stone from slipping or moving out of place.

Are you in a part of the country which is prone to snow and ice? If the weather is consistently bad removing slush and snow from a textured gravel surface can be tricky.

  1. But that aside, a gravel driveway is fantastic. If you are considering one as an alternative to block paving Leeds, then please get in touch will one of our experts. We have over 25 years experience in all aspects of driveway construction and maintenance!
Beautiful MD Paving gravel driveway

Detached luxury new home with gravel driveway.