Great Driveway ideas

Great Driveway Ideas – Resurfaced by the Experts MD Paving!

Great Driveway Ideas – resurfacing and renewing are very popular and in one of the premier UK cities. Leeds, which also happens to be the 2nd financial centre in the UK. It’s a booming city with new housing developments sprouting everywhere you look. Plus there are older properties which are on the up, in terms of renovating.

From Morley to Moortown there are new house building and renovation work on older properties.

Consequently, the Driveways market is also booming, so never has it been more important to choose the right contractor to help create your new driveway, path or patio.

Great Driveway Ideas

Cost is the ultimate driver in choosing your contractor, but you must never forget craftsmanship. So how do you know how good your driveway contractor is before employing them? Simple, ask around. Plus ask your contractor to provide references in the form of satisfied customers. Next, call them up and if possible arrange to visit them to see the workmanship. Yes, it’s time-consuming but ultimately it will pay dividends when you make your choice.


So what’s after cost? Great driveway ideas, this should be next on your checklist. Getting an idea of what you want within your budget is critical when doing a new driveway. Ask MD Paving to help. We have seen more driveways than you’ve had hot dinners! Also, buy some property magazines, go online and probably best of all – jump in your car and go for a nosey in your local neighbourhood to see what’s out there. Just be careful your neighbours don’t think you’re spying on them!

Driveway Prices

Once you have an idea of what you want to do in your driveway ask your chosen contractor to price it up. Labour is one of the biggest costs but so is materials, and the more elaborate the material the more it costs in labour to lay it – so be careful not to get carried away with a design that will cost you the earth.

DIY Driveways

Of course, you can always do it yourself, but this isn’t recommended. The clue is in the title: A driveway. It will have to support one or more cars probably several times a day. If it’s not laid properly using the right equipment with the right labour and the right materials then there’s a good chance it will fail and you will have spent a small fortune on rubble.

Expert Driveways

While we’re talking Leeds here there is a Leeds in Kent, many people get confused between the two but at least they’re a long way from each other, so no worries!

Resin Bonded Driveways

This is becoming a very popular choice for many homeowners, it’s a cost-effective way to give you a really professional finish and well within budget.

Marshalls – Products for great driveway ideas

Buying materials from the right supplier are important. Marshalls has a wide range of driveway products to chose from. Including Block Paving Leeds.

Jewsons Supply Materials for Driveways

Another quality supplier of driveway products is Jewsons. They are probably less expensive than Marshall but have a more limited choice also.

So now that you know MD Paving is the expert for great driveway ideas. We are one of the best local contractors you’ll find. Get in touch with us, you know it makes sense!

great Driveway Ideas

MD Paving team making and constructing asphalt road construction with finisher. The top layer of asphalt road on a private residence house driveway.