Great Harrogate driveway ideas for home owners

Harrogate driveway ideas – they can make a difference to your property!

MD Paving are happy to pass on driveway ideas to their many customers. Sometimes making the most of a property, means thinking about the outside too. There are many options for hard landscaping, so updating your property can make perfect sense. Whether you want to make a good impression for selling your home or just keen to make it look the best it can, the following ideas can be a great addition.

Artificial Grass

Many people want the appearance of green grass, but can’t cope with the maintenance work and dealing with the upkeep and the temperamental British weather. So for an easy solution and a great alternative, artificial grass could be for you. There is still some uncertainty and hesitation with regards to laying astroturf, but the standards of production have increased tenfold making artificial grass very popular. It can be a really affordable too. A long-term solution that gives lots of benefits and looks great.

Security Post

Security driveway posts are the ideal security statement. They can help achieve and compliment most driveway designs. Most of all they are simple but highly effective. They can be used in various places on your property and will really help to deter thieves, allowing you to protect your home and car in an easier way.

Edging and Kerbing

It really can be the small things that make the biggest impact on your property. Like kerbing and edging, which has taken off in a big way, can give your house such a sense of style. Not only is it functional, but it’s a great divider between walkways and planted areas.


If you have limited space but are looking to grow things, planters are most definitely the best addition. You can use them to add a colourful area or border to your home. They can also make life a lot easier when developing flowers, plants or even vegetation. Plus there are super pretty.

Garden Water Features

Water features can be incredible if they are installed properly. They can give you something really positive, pleasant and relaxing which you are reminded of each time you arrive home. Plus, there are many water feature products on the market, no matter the size of your budget or exterior area.

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