Finding a local driveway contractor – paving rules!

When finding a local driveway contractor, there are some golden rules you should follow! MD Paving explains just what they are and how they will help you to choose the right local driveway contractor.


  1. Never do business on your doorstep. Cold callers are usually scammers, with offers of leftover tarmac. Or they could be an offering you an amazing deal, just because they are in the area for a couple of days. At this point, ‘Alarm Bells Should Be Ringing!’ There will be no come back when things go wrong, as you have no way of tracing the culprits. Politely turn them away!
  2. Always look into who you are employing as you local driveway contractor. Get an itemised written estimate and once agreed, a contract on company letterhead. The address should be traceable with a company website and logo. You should also be able to read testimonials and request references.
  3. It’s really worthwhile seeing if your local driveway contractor is part of a trade association, like The Marshalls Register. These prestigious organisations carry out regular visits to paving contractors to check on working standards. Driveway installers must work to their standards, to ensure they remain on the register.
  4. Try to choose a local driveway contractor who has a proven track record, especially within your area. There’s no substitute for inspecting a contractor’s work. You can also see how it’s been put to the test and how long it has lasted.
  5. Never pay in advance. Especially if the company you are dealing with has no resources to start the job. If they have not started to dig out the groundwork or even scheduled a date, stay clear. Chances are they are not a credible business. If extra work is required once the job has started, always get the additional costs agreed.
  6. Check if the contractor has Public Liability Insurance. It’s not a legal obligation, but a reputable Leeds driveways paving contractor will be insured.
  7. Make sure your local driveway contractor or block paving Leeds is guaranteed. Your paving contractor should offer a labour/material warranty for a certain period. Always check.
  8. When all the above checks have been done, rest assured you should be in good hands. Now you can enjoy your dream driveway!
Local driveway contractor busy at work

Your local driveway contractor!