Marshalls Block Paving – Planning is Key

Planning is the key to a beautiful and long lasting Marshalls block paving driveway.

Marshalls Block Paving can be superbly versatile and a cost effective way to pave a garden area or driveway. It can be done anywhere on your property from paths and patios to paddocks and driveways. Mixing the blocks up to can create incredible patterns.

Being informed and advised is just as important as having the inspiration. Timing costs and materials play a big part in your decisions and installation costs can account for about 80% of your landscaping budget. It’s best to stick with what you really would like. Using an expensive product will only increase your overall budget, so get something that will really make you happy. Also, those extra costs will add value to your property, in addition to giving you extra living space.

MD Paving will make sure your design uses the correct materials in every step of Marshalls Block paving process. This way your driveway design or finished landscaping will give you years of enjoyment, which your investment deserves. We will give you free estimates and knowledgeable advice, to make the whole process as cost-effective as possible.

There are levels of difficulty in laying block paving, that’s why it is sometimes best to leave it to the professionals. There are many items required to do the job, such as pegs, hammer, string lines, tape measure, vibrating plate, excavator, sand, concrete, screed boards and rails, mortar, hacksaw, spirit level, kiln-dried sand and of course paving!

The first consideration you should have which is key in the planning process is defining the area in which you will landscape. Different areas around your property have different functions for example pathways for walking and driveways Leeds for cars, so this will determine the required function and what materials to use. You may need to ask yourself the following questions:

– Is the project required to improve and enhance the overall look of the property?

If so, try manufactured or natural patio paving, circles and cobbles.

– Is the project required to provide you with improved access to your property?

If so, consider setts and concrete paving blocks.

– Is the project required to provide you with an external dining or seating area?

If so, try manufactured or natural patio paving, circles and shapes.

– Is the project required to stop damage or tidy certain areas?

Then consider value range products including utility paving.

Careful steps must be followed, when planning out your masterpiece. Firstly, sketch a plan of the area you would like to lay down the paving. Measure the whole area where your block paving Leeds will sit and place pegs on the perimeter which can then be marked out by stretching string lines. Just note that for using longer string in lines, you will need to intermediate pegs so the string does not sag and the line is straight. If you would like a curved area or to create curves and arches, use chalk to draw the outline. Once the line is down, place pegs along the curve or arch and again use the string to stretch tightly. Once the area is planned out, you are all ready for laying the block paving.

Marshalls Block Paving

aerial view with permeable paving