Are you thinking about a transformation using Marshalls Paving?

Marshalls paving great examples

If you’re thinking about Marshalls paving, here’s our advice:

Marshalls paving – would you like a free no-obligation assessment of your property? Why don’t you obtain a free quote for your new driveway by calling us on our registered number?

Our team will measure up your site area. We’ll then show you several examples of popular designs through the marshalls paving catalogue. Marshalls paving is a great material to use. We provide some very useful, yet impartial, advice.

How much time will it take to build my new driveway?

A standard semi-detached house can take approximately take 3-4 days to complete a driveway. An accurate estimate is provided after we have assessed the address, using our marshalls paving planner.

Will there be a lot of disruption and mess?

No, not really. MD Paving is the tidiest company when undertaking driveways in this area. All rubble and excavations go straight onto our vehicles and tips. This gets taken away from the site immediately. All sand and hardcore is delivered and deposited neatly. No excavated material, sand or hardcore is tipped outside your house. This eliminates any hazard which may affect your neighbours and other road users.

Do I need to be at my property while you are building my drive?

It is not necessary. We can do all our work while you are away. However, if you’d like to watch some real professional craftsmanship at work, stick around and enjoy the view. Just don’t forget to stick the kettle on.

How do you dispose of the excess surface from my driveway?

We take away all excavated material to local landfill sites or local recycling centres.

Will there be any skips used outside my house?

Generally speaking, no skips are used by us. They cost a lot of money and are not very convenient to work with. However, there may be some exceptional occasions where they are needed, due to access.

How is my new driveway ground prepared?

All our driveways are first excavated by the appropriate mechanical machines. They achieve the correct depth suited to the ground conditions and general site. Type one hardcore is laid first. Then it is rolled and finally compacted with a vibrating roller to create a sub base required to correct levels.

What are the main advantages?

A new driveway will improve the overall aspect of your house, making it more desirable, practical and as well as valuable. New block paving will also be a safer option than a dangerous uneven old drive. If there are hazards, then someone could injure themselves or indeed do damage to their vehicle tyres.

Do driveways Leeds come guaranteed?

Our block paving and resin drives are 100% fully guaranteed – including materials and labour.

How long before I can drive or walk over my new driveway?

It will be okay to drive and walk on straight away after we have completed it.

What about driveway drainage?

Especially relevant, is that UK legislation which is applied to surface water rain from new paved areas around UK properties. MD Paving have attended leading industry courses to achieve certification for sustainable urban drainage systems. This allows us to advise the best solutions for all paved surfaces around your property.

Will my new driveway affect my neighbours?

We ensure any inconvenience is kept to an absolute minimum. Our polite workforce, clean working practices and professional approach guarantee it.

What areas do you cover?

We cover all areas of North and West Yorkshire, such as Leeds, Harrogate, Wetherby and York.