Add a Mosaic Driveway, Paving or Patio!

Want to bring life to a dreary patio or paving – then a Mosaic driveway may be the way forward!

This art has been around for many thousands of years, with materials such as stones, mirror, glass and tiles used to create beautiful patterns for a Mosiac driveway.

Mosaic driveway

Multi-coloured pieces of glass and debris make great textured patterns for patio and paving.

This decorative art, over time, has developed in a way so that it’s not just limited to┬áthe professionals. So anyone with an artistic flair can produce something stunning and beautiful. The best thing is that you can use recycled materials and apply to all kinds of surfaces, large or small.

Some fantastic ideas, you can do yourself!

One idea for mosaic is to have a centrepiece within your block paving. Or you could even add a border to your Leeds driveway.

Broken Ceramic Tiles can be reused. Wondering what you can do with them? Why not make a beautiful mosaic using the broken pieces you have. You’ll have fun breaking your tiles into small pieces. It can be a great project to really get your creativity following and may also relieve some stress. What’s more, you’ll have some beautiful artwork you created for yourself.

It doesn’t matter if not every piece is perfectly square. The amazing thing with mosaic is that irregular shapes work really well too. So once you have your pieces, you’ll need a pattern to follow. You can then trace it onto your chosen surface as a guide. There are some different methods when mosaicing, but standard practice is to apply the mortar to each piece, then apply to the base. The final element is to add grout, making sure it is evenly distributed between the pieces.

Why not think big!

Set your sights on the pathways and patios around your house. You could buy some pebbles in bulk from the gardening shop to make a beautiful pebble mosaic. The first step is to separate the shades of stone and the best way to do this is wet them, as this brings out their true colours. Once you have selected your colours and sizes, dig out the area which will best fit your mosaic. If you really aren’t confident, then maybe ask for some professional advice, especially for the actual laying. Pebble mosaic is a wonderful way to give life to patios and walkways and can be done quite cost-effectively. You also want your patio area to look good, as this is where you will do lots of your outside entertaining, especially when it’s warm.

Mosaic driveway cross

Background from a stone natural stone paving, beautiful.

Get the professionals in for a beautiful driveway!

But if you really would like a large area of mosaic driveway, then it is really beneficial to get the professionals in. With such a large space, you really want quality craftsmanship, for something which will be hard-wearing, but still beautiful. An example below shows just how wonderful your driveway area could be.

Mosaic driveway swirls

Typical portuguese cobblestone hand-made pavement