Patio Cleaner – Your Paving Maintenance Tips

Patio cleaner Рcare and maintenance tips from the MD Paving experts.

When you need to clean your driveways Leeds, the simplest and most effective way is to use patio cleaner or scrub using soapy water.

Patio cleaner is very effective, but so can hot soapy water. This can do the job just as well. However, if you are after a more professional style clean, there are plenty of cleaners to choose from at the DIY/Hardware store. Pressure washer cleaning is also effective.

Before choosing any type of patio cleaner, make sure you choose one appropriate to your type of concrete of block paving.

Which types of cleaners should I use?

Acid-based cleaners, for example, can have a terrible effect on certain types of paving or natural stone, so try to avoid if possible.

Certain patio cleaners contain hydrochloric acid, such as Brick Cleaning Acid. They will definitely clean your paving or block driveway but they will also damage it.

Concrete which is plain and uncoloured will etch if washed with hydrochloric acid. It eats away at the concrete surface to reveal a shiny surface underneath. It can really work on dirty concrete, but not for coloured concrete. Coloured concrete uses dyes, which tend to affect the iron oxide in them. When the acid reacts with the oxide, there is a dramatic colour change on the shade. It can turn a soft read into a strong orange.

Natural stone – is it the best choice?

Travertine, limestones, marble and sandstones react really badly, but certain stones, clay and slates seem unaffected. It also depends on which quarry they came from. It’s always worth making an enquiry about where your paving comes from. This will really help with maintenance and the purchase of patio cleaner.

But remember, Block paving lovers, always do a test patch first as the staining can look rusty and be brown in colour, eating through the top layer.

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