Great patio slabs from UK Sourced Quarry Stone

Look no further for outside spaces using UK sourced quarry stone for beautiful patio slabs

The Quarrying Industry in the UK is one of the oldest industries in our country. That’s why any paving expert in Leeds love using this material for patio slabs as they look so good! We use tonnes of the stuff every day in Yorkshire!

Over hundreds of years, quarrying in the UK has been very important to driveways Leeds. It is also part of the country’s industrial heritage. Today the industry employs around 20,000 workers directly. The same amount is employed again indirectly. It is also a fantastic material for manufacturing patio slabs, which can make your property look stunning.

In the towns and villages around Yorkshire (Leeds, Harrogate, Wetherby and York) many family businesses extract and supply the most beautiful buff coloured sandstone for block paving. It¬†is perfect for building, stone lintels and most importantly dressing your garden or driveway and lay down patio slabs. “Indeed, many homeowners cite it as their first choice when planning a driveway or patio slabs project” says MD Paving’s Mick Durkin, “We source all our UK stone from quality recognised quarries, so our customers can be assured of the best products for the Leeds driveways finish.”

Did you know that there are approximately 1,300 quarries in the UK? They produce ¬£billions of stone products every year for the paving and driveways industries. The UK leads the world in environmental quarrying, using modern methods and equipment for extraction. Some firms are evening replanting trees, grass and plants on old quarry sites to support the environment. So if you’re looking for a solid yet beautiful patio slabs finish and your materials need to have good environmental credentials – then look no further than UK quarry stone.

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Quarry stones used for patio slabs

Quarry stones used for patio slabs