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    Talk to MD Paving – the paving expert, we offer a comprehensive range of hard landscaping, wall and patio design as well as driveways and block paving – to cover all your home needs.

    In addition to offering advice on driveways and patios paving, being a paving expert we can help with garden paths, walls and drainage.

    A paving expert will work with you from the start of a project, to completion to create a beautiful outdoor space. Our paving expert team will use a range of materials including our own stone paving. We are expert at laying patio design and garden paving and will undertake most outdoor hard landscaping.

    If you’ve got an old outdoor space, which needs some love and care, we can also re-point and repair.

    What is the next Design Stage?

    A patio design will really bring another dimension to your garden. It can give you an outdoor space which you can use for relaxing, dining or entertaining. It’s a great platform for feature shrubs or plants, a new barbecue or attractive lighting. Pathways using paving blocks or stone can be an attractive addition to your garden. They will also help to improve access in bad weather.

    The other great thing about patios is that they are low maintenance which provides a permanent space in your home and garden and will most definitely add value to your property. Also, with a patio installed, unlike wooden decking, you can use planters right up to and around your paving.

    There are many choices of materials we can use, including locally sourced where possible to fit your design and budget. This could include paving, gravels, natural stones and aggregates.

    But in your garden, there are so many places where paving can be used. Of course, paving experts will tell you just where these should be. If it is laid professionally, then it will look really fabulous and you will ensure a great looking garden.

    Who do I call to lay block paving?

    So remember, MD Paving patios, driveways and block paving expert – call us today, to discuss your garden, patio and driveways Leeds, Wetherby, York, Harrogate areas and beyond. Hard landscaping will bring a form to your outdoor space and garden.

    MD Paving advise on all types of paving

    MD Paving can also advise on all types of permeable and non-permeable surfaces which fall in line with government guidelines. Just ask our paving expert for more advice.

    Paving Expert – great advice on a Retaining Wall

    If there are any issues regarding retaining walls, then they can be resolved before any paving is installed. The team can work around these, with regards to constructing the new paving areas.

    Please get in touch, if you would like help with planning and designing. We can look at everything such as walls, paths, children’s play areas etc. We can offer no-obligation, competitive quotes on all our block paving Leeds, so you can trust our service and save money at the same time.

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