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Transforming a patio or driveway with paving is one of the most effective home improvements can you make. As paving experts, MD Paving like to make a real difference aesthetically and in our customers’ property value.





    MD laying paving slabs

    Planning is key

    The first step for any paving project is planning. First, you will need to outline your proposed area. You’ll find that different areas of your garden will require a different consideration. The questions you need to ask are:

    • What is the overall look of the property? What would you like to achieve and the main purpose of your project?
    • Will there be the required access to the property for machines and materials? Without damaging your existing garden, walls and paths?
    • Is the external dining or seating area required?
    • Will the paving have heaving traffic which could create oil stains, for example, cars, lawn mower and/or bikes?

    Choosing the right product 

    Once you have decided on the area, you are in a position to discuss what product is suitable for use. By looking at the various products on offer, you will be able to select something which suits your family’s taste and budget.

    Consideration should be given to traditional and contemporary styles. Choose paving products which work with or contrast your home’s existing features.

    Patio features

    Combinations of stone also need to be factored in. You may have a large area which when covered with flagstones, may not have the same impact as something more detailed. It can be worth mixing sandstone setts and flags of different colours, to define borders or areas of your garden.

    A raised kerb in a contrasting block can also work well. Aggregates can be another consideration to break up areas of patio or paving. You could also add plants and grasses too.

    With MD Paving, part of planning your area is to measure and survey. We make not of existing areas and features. Calculations in terms of gradients are paramount with regards to water drainage.

    Standing water is a hazard for slipping. It can also discolour and deteriorate the structure and surface of the paving.

    The right tools 

    With over 30 years experience in the trade, we have all the right tools and processes in hand. Especially for work on large driveways and patios. Dependent on the area of the job, we would include preparation, laying and finishing as part of the service.

    Paving Leeds – Professional paviors

    We build a number of layers using different materials for the base structure. Each layer laid down will strengthen the one before. Before this happens, it is necessary to take out any existing vegetation and topsoil. You will then see more stable and compact sub-soil appears underneath, which is the sub-grade.

    The next layer will be important in the formation of your paving project. This is called the sub-base. Sub-bases may not be needed for some patio projects. But will always be required for laying a driveway of paving, as the sub-base will prevent the unwanted settlement from heavy cars.

    The bedding course

    The next stage is the laying or bedding course. This is basically the layer in which your paving will be laid. This will allow for different variations in depth or any undulations or peaks which may affect the level of the finished project.

    It has to be noted that building sand is unsuitable for bedding material. This is because the product will not allow water to drain through enough.

    The final and most important layer is that of the paving you have chosen, and yes, there are hundreds to choose from.

    Talk to an expert – Paving Leeds

    Our team will discuss, design and plan the best project for you, your home and your budget. We will make sure that the job is long-lasting and will look great for years to come. You needn’t break the bank and we’re happy to supply you with a free no-obligation quote.

    There’s no sales pressure from our friendly team. Just read one of our many testimonials and reviews or check out our Gallery page. It’s full of different designs and styles from which you can get a feel for what may work best for you.

    MD Paving is a well respected, family run business. We have over 30 years of paving and driveway experience and are renowned in the surrounding area. Our track record is delivering craftsmanship, style and value for money – our reputation is built on it.