Paving stones – are you sealing the patio or driveway?

Paving stones in Leeds, York, Wetherby or Harrogate?

You can readily buy sealers to stabilise, seal and protect all kinds of domestic paving stones and patios.

That’s including garden paving stones (e.g limestone paving slabs and flagstones), patio paving and driveway paving, in particular, driveways made with block paving.
If you have installed a new patio, path or driveway Google search available products. If not, then ask Mick Durkin for his advice. Whether planning, building or caring for block work, Mick knows best.

Here are Mick’s top 7 CARE TIPS for Paving Stones Leeds and Harrogate including reclaimed paving stones:

1. Thoroughly clean existing paving with a pressure wash, remove all signs of weeds, lichen, algae and any other new stains your new driveway has attracted.
2. Ensure the driveway or patio area is completely free of debris, dry and clean – before starting sealing your paving stones.
3. Only fill any of the joints with sand (kiln dried) on the same day as you intend to apply the sealant.
4. Make sure that no sand is left on the paving surface.
5. Before starting your sealing, ensure that you have the correct tools and sufficient sealer to finish the job.
6. When sealing use a roller, brush or squeegee and apply the sealer as per the product’s guidelines.
7. Alternatively, call me and I’ll come and sort the job in no time, for a small fee.
Most of the sealants purchased will require two coats for really effective results. You can notice a significant variation in paving coverage between some types of brands. So do check and get some advice.
Also, a sealant which states it is oil repellent will be water repellent too. But this does not work the other way round. There is also a difference between resistance and repellency, so always check the packaging label.
Great oil for paving stones