PAVING YORK – just take a look at the costs involved!

We really drill down to the paving York detail in the following case study

A genuine customer Paving York enquiry

We had an enquiry from a potential customer (Jane B) looking for paving York last week. I’m writing about it, because it highlights some of the real issues facing people when they come to do a Paving York project.

Jane B…

“Hi there I am thinking of employing a company to fit block paving to the front and rear of my house to create a driveway and also a patio. I will also need some low walls building”.

Sound advice from the paving specialists

I have been advised I should have at least 3 quotes for the job. But after ringing about eight different companies I have only had two come round to measure up the job and quote.

One was you, MD Paving, and the other was another York company.  They spent all of 5 minutes taking down some measurements, but have not come back with a price since. And that was two weeks ago! You took your time and got all the correct details and measurements. That was very reassuring.

Quote procedure and how it’s done

While I felt very comfortable with your quote and the 20 years experience you have, I just feel I need to know what the general costs are for such a project? That way I can stop shopping around.

Ok, the first thing to understand is that every job is different, and therefore it is difficult to generalise prices. That said, customers can evaluate the value of a job in certain areas. like the overall square metre area for materials. This is a good way to determine cost comparisons for paving York jobs.

Jane’s case and how we quoted

In Jane’s case, we broke down the quotation to offer an accurate estimate for nearly 40sq meters of block paving. The following prices are for guidance only due to the vast variation in material costs across the UK, that’s why you should always consult a local supplier.

The job was to construct a typical driveway and patio in various multi-coloured blocks – and our costs had to include skips to remove all the excavated material, bedding sand, sub-base materials (DTp1), blocks as described and some dry, silica sand for the joints.

So via materials alone, Jane can analyse whether we are good value or not, a quick telephone call to any local York supplier will tell her the cost per square meter. Here are the costs we gave Jane:


Standard concrete blocks (eg Driveline) £55/m2
Tumbled Blocks (eg Tegula) £65/m2

This is where MD Paving wins business. we play fair and do a good job at a fair price, in addition to Block Paving Leeds. That way we get recommended. In one particular street in Collingham, we have done 10 houses. One after the other, as each one in turn, praised our work and service.

Please look at our website, especially our gallery to see some of our fabulous work –

Beautiful paving York example