MD Paving have been extremely busy on a Tarmac Leeds project.

What a busy start to 2016 for MD Paving. Here the team are in production of a new tarmac Leeds driveway including block edging. A great job done and an extremely happy client!

Producing wonderful Driveways and Block Paving, are what MD Paving excels at. Their team worked hard to produce this solid driveway for an extremely happy client.

This is what you need to know:

Tarmac Leeds – what is it?

The process was developed by John MacAdam, in which he used tar to glue small stones together. It then changed its name to “Tar Macadam” which eventually evolved to “tarmac”. Most recently, the tar has been replaced with bitumen, which actually comes from oil and is called bitmac.

How is it used and laid?

It is made using broken bits of tar, shaped and mixed during the production of laying it, such as your driveway. As you can see from the photos, it is pressed down by a heavy steamroller.

To remove existing base of the driveway and excavate. Then a membrane will be laid, to prevent the growth of any weeds. Using sand and cement mix, lay edgings. Then drainage into existing connecting pipework. Compact sub-base with a roller/whacker. 1st binding tarmac course laid by hand or machine then compact with a roller. 2nd surface tarmac course laid by hand or machine and then compacted with a roller for a super neat edge. Dispose of any wasted material and make sure the site is tidy and clean.

It can be very uninteresting to look at, but is a very hardwearing material and will last a long time.

What to do next

When MD Paving undertake any job, including tarmac Leeds driveways, a free no obligation quote is supplied an discussed.

Then a work schedule will be supplied detailing all labour time, materials and elements of disposal and what’s included. Then an outline of what’s involved in the job. It is so important that you receive all this information, every step of the way.

Get in touch with one of the team to find out about driveways Leeds.

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